Personalised Gift Ideas for Christmas

Personalised Gift Ideas for Christmas

Its real fun choosing personalised gifts for someone and adding a caption to the object: mugs, coasters, plates, t-shirts, iphone covers and the list goes on. So what are some fun choices this christmas.

Personalised mugs can be designed from a set of templates you create or from pre-designed templates offered by the personalised gifts service. You choose a mug type, and a template, and then the service takes your gift choice and crafts a personalised mug. Many services offer online design studios so you can quickly whip up a design for your mug.

If you get stuck for choices on images, think about all the photos of your family lying around the hard drive or on your ipad or stashed away in the drawer. Also, many stock image sites exist that offer free photos in various categories like christmas, family, sport, baby, fun, etc.

The personalised gifts industry is a huge and continuously expanding retail shop front with thousands of different personalised gift ideas. Companies can brand their mugs with logos and marketing graphics for events. Small businesses can brand themselves on a variety of objects such as golf clubs, mouse mats, jigsaws, car windows and zippo lighters.

This is a powerful marketing device for branding your business if you are seeking a  promotional gift idea for a marketing campaign.

Does your iphone show a dull and plain case? Add a personalised touch to the iphone 4/4s cover. Its christmas, so how about a santa image or a photo of a christmas party. You can be as creative as you like on personalising your gifts. What would make you feel joy just by looking at an image? Maybe a fun memory like a wedding or a holiday.  Why not place a photo on your iphone case and carry that snapshot of a wonderful memory in your pocket.

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Joyful Gifts in the UK has a wonderful idea for the kids this christmas. Here is a description of the clever santa letter idea, a personalised letter from father christmas to your son or daughter.

Joyful Gifts describes the santa letter on their site:

            ‘Christmas is such a magical time for children and keeping the magic alive is an amazing experience for parents too. A personalised Santa letter is the perfect touch in the run up to Christmas, and seeing the excitement in your child’s eyes when they receive the letter Santa has sent especially for them will be something you can remember forever. The personalised Santa letter adds to the fun in an incredible way to enhance the experience and excitement of the countdown to Christmas with a note to say that Santa will be on his way to your home on Christmas Eve with the gift that your child wants.
            The Santa letters are professionally designed, illustrated, and printed as your child would expect nothing less from the North Pole! And, to make the experience extra special, the letter will include your child’s name, age, best friends name, and will mention that special gift they want too. After all, only Santa would know…
            All Santa Letters come with a static self cling ‘ Santa stop here ‘ window sticker,  they have no sticky face, instead they stick using static and surface tension, hence they can be easily peeled off and re-used.

No matter the occasion, take a look at some Personalised mugs, Personalised iPhone 4/4s Covers, Personalised Santa Letters, or other personalised gifts and give a unique gift to someone special.

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